Moschino Barbie' by Hayden Williams

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Prada S/S 2015 Details RtW @ MFW

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Felicity Jones - Vogue UK - February 2014

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Blumarine S/S 2015 RtW @ MFW

She looks like another person here. Is it because she has no makeup on?

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TUSH Magazine

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If this is what you call “pretty”, what planet are you from? Her eyes are sunken, her skin looks pasty, she’s got massive circles around her eyes, her eyebrows look fake… What is wrong with society and its interpretation of beauty? Beauty is NOT the size 0 “models” you see strutting down the runway, collarbones and wrist bonesand just about every bone on show, either overly-made up or no makeup whatsoever so they look gaunt and horrible. Beauty is being beautiful inside, as well as outside. Being beautiful on the inside is 90% of beautiful. If you have a nice personality, you’ll automatically appear more beautiful to other people. I’m about a size 8 or a 10, and I’m completely fine with that. I’m not into exercise, I will swim and I horse ride, but I’m not overly into running or athletics so you won’t see me in the Olympic or Paralympic Games any time soon (although you may want to watch out for me on the equestrian circuit in the near future). I don’t WANT to be skinny, it’s not a good look. I don’t WANT to have a thigh gap. I don’t WANT my collarbones to stick out. I don’t NEED any of that. It’s unhealthy, and if beauty means being unhealthy,

Society is really fucked up.

The only part of society thats fucked up is the fact that women like yourself feel the need to bring down other women. What the fuck is wrong with you? Because she totally gets a choice in what colour her skin is and if her eyes are sunken you rude bitch, I’m pasty for one and I was fucking born like that?????? unless i fake tan which takes a damn lot of TIME AND MONEY then I’m gonna remain fucKING PASTY??????? SOME peoples collarbones naturally stick out, SOME people are naturally skinny, people who are pasty are BORN pasty, SOME people cant help how their eyes look and if someone wants to have eyebrows like that, who the fuck gave you the right to judge them? Damn girl if you wanna say societies fucked up, look at yourself right in the mirror. Taking all your insecurities out on a girl you have no idea the first thing about, how fucking sad is this.. Everyone is great in their own way no matter how they choose to do their eye brows or what colour their skin, stop bringing people down this is the most fucked up comment I’ve ever seen. STOP BRING OTHER WOMEN DOWN FOR WHAT THEY CHOOSE TO DO AND LOOK LIKE. YOU DONT WANNA LOOK LIKE HER? COOL, NO ONES FORCING YOU TO! NO NEED TO RIP IN TO HER LOOKS THAT SHE WAS FUCKING BORN WITH.

reblogging solely for the reply to that fucked up comment

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